The community mission is to provide quality services to residents and tourists, ensure community development and make Dilijan a prosperous and competent town for investments.

The strategic goal of the community is to ensure sustainable development of the town through consistent improvements of social-economic conditions of residents by making it a regional financial center, which is a priority of the Armenian government.

The main objectives of the community’s four-year development program are the following:

  • To improve the financial situation of the community by implementing an effective policy of defining and charging non-taxable incomes, local taxes and fees
  • To promote entrepreneurship by closely linking it with community’s economic development
  • To maintain the popular styles of the town’s architecture in the center and the 19th century style on Sharambeyan Street. Exclude unauthorized construction and land occupations
  • To improve educational and cultural activities
  • To continue urban development and environmental preservation measures
  • To implement various social projects
  • To ensure investments in urban development, capital construction, and new production initiatives by collaborating with donor organizations and Dilijan natives working abroad